Prebuilt Framework License

Our Pre-Built Framework License is the key to unlocking our custom-built, super user-friendly WordPress framework. This isn’t just any base software; it’s packed with all the essentials you need to start crafting your dream website. We’ve fine-tuned it for top-notch accessibility, speed, and ease of use, all while keeping up with the latest web standards.

Usage Rights:

When you pick our framework, you get the exclusive right to use it on one website, handpicked and approved by our team. At We Dev Digital, we’re super passionate about how our software is put to use in the world. We’ve set up some guidelines to make sure it’s used just the way we envisioned.

Modifications & Redistribution:

Our skilled devs are the only ones who tinker with the core framework, ensuring it always meets high web standards. But when it comes to your site, we’ve made sure you’ve got plenty of room to play around and personalize it to your heart’s content. We’re a bit selective with plugins and external sources, though – all to keep your site as safe as a fortress. And hey, if you’re looking to add new features, we’re all ears and ready to help.

Support & Updates:

With our license, you’re covered with free security updates for the first 6 months. After that, you can either take the reins yourself or opt for a small fee to let us continue safeguarding your site.

Compatibility with Other Licenses:

Any software we use in your custom build is fully licensed for as long as you use it. Most of the time, these are crafted by our in-house wizards, I mean, developers.


Just a heads-up, our framework is a no-go for anything illegal. If we find out it’s being used for shady stuff, we’ll have to step in, both legally and by informing the authorities. It’s all about protecting our reputation and that of our awesome clients who use our software.

Warranty & Liability:

We’ve got your back with security updates for the first half-year. Post that, the security baton is passed to you. If things go sideways and our advice wasn’t followed, we won’t be able to take responsibility for any mishaps.


If any of our terms are broken, we might have to say goodbye and revoke your license. In that case, we’d need you to remove our framework from your system within 30 days of getting the notice.

We’re super excited to see what you create with our framework. Let’s make the internet a more vibrant and secure place together!