Our consulting services typically offer expertise and guidance to businesses looking to establish or enhance their web presence. This kind of service can be particularly valuable if you’re aiming to strengthen your internal teams’ capabilities in web development. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what our service often entails:

Initial Assessment and Analysis:

The consulting team will first understand your business goals, current web presence, technical infrastructure, and the skill levels of your existing teams. This phase is crucial for tailoring the consultancy to your specific needs.

Strategy Development:

Based on the initial assessment, the consultants will devise a strategy. This can include recommendations on technology stacks, development methodologies, and best practices in web development.

Skill Enhancement and Training:

A key aspect is up-skilling your team. This could involve training sessions, workshops, and hands-on guidance in areas like coding standards, accessibility, and responsive design.

Process Optimisation:

We might advise on process improvement, such as adopting Agile methodologies, implementing version control, code review practices, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Accessibility and Compliance:

We are passionate about accessibility, and can provide specific guidance on making your websites more accessible, ensuring compliance with standards like WCAG.

Quality Assurance:

This includes setting up systems for testing and quality assurance, covering aspects like unit testing, browser compatibility, and performance optimisation.

Roadmap for Growth:

We often provide a roadmap for future growth, which includes scaling strategies, technology updates, and adapting to emerging web technologies and trends.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring:

Beyond initial training and setup, we offer ongoing support, acting as mentors to your team, helping troubleshoot issues, and providing guidance on new projects.

Measuring Success:

We can help in setting up metrics and KPIs to measure the success of web development initiatives and ensuring that the strategies align with your business goals.

Our consulting services can provide you with the expertise and strategies needed to strengthen your team’s skills, optimise processes, and establish a strong, future-proof web presence, that aligns well with your goal of making the internet a more accessible and friendly place.